Tag: Phishing

Phishing E-Mail Attacks

We continue to see a steady increase in e-mail phishing attempts occurring asking for wired transactions, payment of invoices, or similar responses from a recipient. This problem has been around for years, but the ability to differentiate between a legitimate request and a phishing attack is more and more challenging. We recommend that anyone receiving…
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E-Mail Security Guidelines

The following are some general guidelines to help keep your computer safe from viruses, hijacks, and other malicious attacks with regard to e-mail usage. Computer viruses and Spyware can be sent via email and these are some of the unfortunate aspects of the Internet. Like everything else though, a little education goes a long way…
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The Anatomy of a Phishing/Virus Attack

Although it is our desire to always be immediately available when you need us, we also know that a little education can go a long way toward prevention of a virus outbreak.  Today, the difference between an obvious fake e-mail and a legit one can be very subtle.  We get many calls asking if this…
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