Hourly Support

For some businesses, the traditional service model of ‘break-fix’ (you break it, you call us, we fix it) may be the best way to engage with our services. For those clients, we offer hourly labor rates that are competitive in the local market.

We find hourly support often becomes a balancing act between being fast and doing our best work. Often times, hourly clients don’t agree to perform routine maintenance or fix more complex issues the right way, because they take more time to resolve. However, with the right expectations, willingness to allow us to perform proper routine maintenance, and willingness to let us fix things the right way, this method can be a great option, but probably not the cheapest option when done the right way.

We still offer this option because put simply, Managed Service may not be right for everyone. Struggling businesses, extremely small businesses, or less technology reliant businesses may be able to ‘save’ money (by cutting some corners) in the break-fix service method, at least for a short time.

If you would like to reach out to us for support or speak with us further about our rates, please contact us.