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Our History

Celebrating 14 Years in the IT Industry

IBM 5150 - First Industry PCBenjamin Hill Computer Consulting, began in 1996 as a one-man IT service shop, and was primarily done to provide a means of covering the financial burden of college for the 'one-man', Benjamin Hill.  In those days he worked with MS-DOS systems and Novell Netware servers and networks on a regular basis and was involved with the transition of many companies from token-ring networks to more modern Ethernet-based systems.  All systems were cheezy by today's standards.  A 120 meg hard disk drive was considered the cutting edge.  And the amount of RAM in a system rarely exceeded 32 meg.

One of the first small business-specific products we found and quickly became experts in was Microsoft Small Business Server 4.5.  This was the NT 4 based predecessor of today's Small Business Server.  The system was difficult to navigate and like most operating systems then, not very reliable, even as a server.  But with a few installs we continually worked hard to maintain the best levels of reliability and found ourselves carving a niche in the IT industry.  No one was interested in serving the 'Small Business'.  We understood very early on that it was the Small Business market that held the greatest diversified opportunity for our growth.  A great side effect has been the fulfillment of knowing that we are playing an active role in helping other business owners reach their goals and dreams by simply providing a service that makes them more efficient in the way they operate.

As the great Year 2000 (Y2k Bug) scare passed, we began to focus on newer Microsoft technologies on the horizon.  We prepared ourselves to immediately be ready for the launch of Windows 2000 and we were installing and supporting Small Business Server 2000 in the Louisville area, while most of our competitors had never even heard of the product.

As we continued to look for small business-focused products, we developed relationships with Dell, HP, Gateway, NetGear and many others.  We found reliable, lower-cost, alternatives to the "higher-end" products that most IT service providers swore by.  (Whether it was the margins that accompanied them or truly the benefits of those products, remains to be seen.)  We have installed countless systems and networks relying on these technologies and have had positive experiences time and time again.  Proof that these small-business targeted products are equally reliable when compared to their enterprise-class counterparts.

Then as Microsoft released Windows XP, and later Server 2003, we again positioned ourselves to be ready for the launch.  As is typical for us, we provided phased rollouts over time to avoid disastrous downtime for our clients.  We even began more testing in house to verify things were good before we went 'live' with them.  Microsoft began to provide us even better resources for learning and support, and today we continue to take advantage of those whenever we can.

Sometime in 2003-2004 we completed our long-term research on small business-focused phone systems (largely out of our own need for a better phone system).  There were lots of options at the local stores and even through dedicated telephone system providers.  But none seem to meet all the criteria that we needed from our phone system.  Then, we found TalkSwitch.  This system was an example of how one manufacturer can change the entire industry.  Their design and engineering was second to none and dollar-to-feature, there is no other phone system even in the game.  This unit simply was the best choice for a phone system for small business.  Then in 2011 Talkswitch sold to Fortinet and became Fortivoice.  While Fortinet has added some new features, they have also lost some of the vision of how the original TalkSwitch company operated.

Looking to retain a viable product as a phone system solution, in 2014, we partnered with 3CX and are beginning to install their systems.  We are excited about the future of this non-proprietary, more open-source solution for phone systems.

As our clients and client base have continued to grow, our opportunity to work with more enterprise-level equipment and software has been increasing.  But we haven't forgotten who our focus is on...the small business.  With the recent launch of Windows 8.1 and the release of the next Microsoft Windows Small Business Server products, we are already gearing up for the next generation of technology and continually keeping our eyes peeled for products that we can offer that are the right fit for many small businesses.

We'd love to begin to develop a business relationship with you.  If you are interested, please do not hesitate to call and schedule a Technology Assessment to get the ball rolling.  Or if you have a specific need that needs addressed, we will do our best to assist you quickly and effectively.  Just call us, (502) 447-9294.

(Oh, and yes, maybe we don't go quite far enough back to the IBM 5150, but we do own a working IBM 5150 as one of our 'Museum Pieces'.  Still it is a cool photo.)

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