Managed Service

Looking back over our many years of providing IT services, we have found that clients that allow us to provide on-going routine maintenance, along with planned obsolescence of equipment, tend to benefit in two major ways. First, they have less unexpected outages. Second, they have less unexpected invoices from us.

To help position more and more of our clients to benefit from our best service offerings, and to reduce the generation of unexpected expenses to our clients, our Managed Service method of IT Support has become our standard offering. By pairing a set fee structure with unlimited support, we are positioned to do our best work, where truly our only focus is our customer and how to best serve them.

(Basic Breakdown of the Components of our Managed Service)

From a cost perspective, the Managed Service offering compared to the traditional ‘break-fix’ service option, could cost more or less any given year. ‘Break-fix’, by definition, will yield months with zero IT expense, and other months with extremely high, unplanned for expense. This is more difficult for businesses to plan for, budget for, and cash flow. Managed service provides a more consistent, predictable cost that is easy to understand, plan for, and budget for.

(Sample IT Maintenance Cost over 24 months – Managed Service vs. Break-Fix-IT-Labor)

Think of Managed Service as insurance for your IT system investments to keep them up and running, secured, and updated. While you will eventually have to purchase new and/or update equipment (unless you also use our Hardware-as-a-Service offerings) that cost can be planned for in advance to minimize surprises as much as possible.

If your IT expense chart looks more like a roller coaster than a flat-line, perhaps our Managed Service program could be a benefit for you. Reach out to us via our contact page or by phone and we will be happy to discuss your options further.